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GRZ4 360° Prism

GRZ4 360° Prism

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GRZ4 360° Prism

GRZ4 is suitable for all robotic TPS applications. Strong metal core with rubber bumpers and protective end caps on top and bottom. 3D pointing accuracy of 5.0 mm. When pointing to a side marked accuracy of less than 2.0 mm is achieved. ATR range of 600m (2000 ft.).

GRZ4 reflector is recommended for all robotic work performed with a survey pole. The rubber mountings on the top and bottom of the prisms provide protection of the glass if the pole falls over. The reflector is supplied in a padded case for safe transportation.

It has an overall pointing accuracy of 5mm (<1/4"). However, when aiming directly at one of the three prisms, indicated by yellow arrows, an accuracy of better than 2mm (<1/8") can be achieved.

Works with all Leica robotic stations



• +23.1mm offset
• ATR range of 600m (2000 ft.)
• Anti-Reflective Coating (entrance face) with a copper coating (Reflective Surfaces)
• Push-button quick release connection


Package contents:

1 x GRZ4 360° Prism ( copper coating, 5arcsec beam deviation )
1 x soft prism brave and cylindrical bag

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